Current Project
Detail of Contract
Forbes Facility Service Pvt.
Limited, at Jhagadia, Bharuch
Housekeeping Manpower Supply in Various Plant at Jhagadia
Detail of Contract
Period of Contract
Forbes Facility Service Pvt. Limited, at Jhagadia, Bharuch
Housekeeping Manpower Supply in Various Plant at Jhagadia
2013  -  2016
Tata Chemicals Limited, Babrala, Badaun (UP)
Up gradation of 7 Nos. Conveyor System from Urea Plant to Bagging Plant in Shut-Down
2016  -  2017
Reliance Petroleum Limited ( Reliance Industries Limited) at Jamnagar
Fabrication of CS & NACE Materials Piping in Open Fabrication yard
2014  -  2015
Tata Chemicals Limited, Babrala, Badaun (UP)
Rectification, Fabrication, Replacement & Erection of SS, AS, CS Piping & Valve in Shut-Down
2014  -  2015
Tata Chemicals Limited, Babrala, Badaun (UP)
Mechanical Maintenance work on ARC Basis
2012  -  2015
Tata Chemicals Limited, Babrala, Badaun (UP)
Rectification & Replacement SS Shell Plate in Shut-Down Period.
2011  -  2012
Adani Power Ltd. at Mundra under M/s Neo Structo Construction Ltd.
Fabrication & Erection of Material Handling System
2010  -  2011
Essar Construction India Limited Essar-SEZ, Hazira, Surat
Fabrication & erection of CS/SS/AS piping & structure with slag blasting
2008  -  2009
Neo Structo Constroction Ltd
C/O Indian Oil Corpoation Ltd
Barauni refinery, Begusara, Bihar
Erection & alignment of reformer & IBR piping
2009  -  2010
ESAAR-SEZ, Hazira Surat.
Slag blasting & painting of structure & piping in essar construction india limited
2007  -  2008
Reliance Petroleum Ltd., Motikhardi, Jamnagar
Fabrication & Erection of CS/SS/AS piping, structure & equipment erection in JRRP
2007  -  2008
Ram Trailer (Manf. Division)
Ichhapore GIDC, ONGC Road,
Ichhapore, Surat
Fabrication of transport trailer
2006  -  2007
Petron Engg. Constn. Ltd., IOCL, Gujarat Refinery, Baroda
Fire Proofing of Structure In MSQ of IOCL, Baroda
2005  -  2006
Petron Engg. Constn. Ltd., IOCL Gujarat Refinery, Baroda
Supply, Fabrication & Hot Deep Galvanizing of Grating - Qty - 100 Mt
2005  -  2006
Essar Construction Ltd., Hazira,  Surat
Fabrication of Shuttering Plate
2005  -  2006
HCE, Shell LNG Pvt. Ltd., Hazira
Fabrication & Erection of SS & CS Piping 
2005  -  2006
Cairn Energy (i) Ltd., Hazier C/o.  Janak Construction
Fabrication & Erection of Structure of Compressor  Shelter (215  MT) with provide steel, Design and  Drawing
2004  -  2005
Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.   IOCL Panipat Refinery
a) Fabrication of Rolling of Pipe & Tanks
b) Erection of Heat Exchanger
2004  -  2005
Petron Engg. Construction Ltd.,   LNG Site, Hazira
Fabrication  of   Pipe  Clamp  and  Pipe   Support  Structure  at  our  Workshop
2004  -  2005
Essar Steel Ltd., HBI Hazira,   Surat
Fabrication  & Erection  of  Piping  Work  at  Module - IV
2003  -  2004
Essar Construction ltd. Steel  Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.,    Hazira, Surat
Civil Works Such as Construction of Entry ECR & pump Houses Building  
2003  -  2004
Essar Construction ltd. Steel Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.,    Hazira, Surat
a) Fabrication & Erection Structural Work of Entry ECR and Central ECR Building
b) Fabrication of Shuttering  plat
2003  -  2004
Mather  &  Platt (I)  Ltd.  C/o. BPCL LPG bottling Plant  Bhatpore, Surat.
Fabrication,   Erection of  Equipment  of  Fire   Fighting  System
2003  -  2004
Puja Construction Co.,             C/o. BPCL LPG Bottling Plant,   Bhatpore, Surat.
Civil Works (Excavation - Making of tank foundation) Fabrication, Erection and Testing of Water Storage Tank - 02 Nos. Size 17.030  Dia  x  13.00 Mtr.  Heigh
2002  -  2003
Larsen & Toubro Ltd, (ECC Division), Surat Manor Tollway   Project Package - III, Talsari, Dahanu, Thane  (M. s. )
Construction of Culvertor, UCR and  all  types of  Civil Works, yellow Soil & Murrum Filling with   compaction & GB  spreading, Grading  & Compacting
2001  -  2003
ABG Shipyard ltd. Surat - Dumas  Road, Magdalla,  Surat
Fabrication And Assembling of Wind Mill Tower
2000  -  2001
M/s. Tolani Fabricator at SMC,Surat
Under laying of M.S pipeline for surat Municipal  Corporation, including expansion and back filling
1999  -  2000
M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (MSL Division) at GIPCL, Naninaroli, Mangrol,  Surat
Piping  And structural  Works
1998  -  1999
M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (MSL Division) at GIPCL,  Naninaroli, Mangrol, Surat
Unloading of Structural and Plants at GIPCL Site,  Naninaroli
1998  -  1999
M/s. Paherpur Cooling Towers  Ltd.
Fabrication   of   Shuttering   Frame  for   M/s.  Enron  Site, Dhabol (Maharashtra)
1997-  1998
M/s. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.,GIPCL
Fabrication and Erection of Hot Water Piping  and  Miscellaneous works of Cooling   Towers
1997  -  1998
AICAM Engg. Ltd., C /o. Lloyd  Steel Industries Ltd.
FabricatIon   and  Erection   of  30"  Flare  Line  and  Tank  Area  Pipeline  with Structural  Work at KRU Site,  ONGC,  Hagi
1996  -  1997
M/s. Paharpur Cooling  Towers Ltd.
Fabrication, Rolling and Erection  of  Pipeline  and  Structural work  of  Water  Treatment Plant, Treatment  Plant,  including  Hot  Water Piping  of  Cooling  Towers  at  ONGC Expansion  Phase- III  ONGC,  Hazira,   Surat
1995  -  1996